Fives Aluminium

Fives Aluminium is a market leading supplier of equipment and technology for:

  • Anode production (pulp mills)
  • Cleansing plants (electrolysis, furnaces)
  • Foundry technology

Norwegian references:

  • Cleansing plant electrolysis Alcoa Lista
  • Cleansing plant steam pulp mill HA Årdal carbon
  • Mill group HA Årdal Karbon
  • Pulp mill HA Sunndal

Main supplier to Qatalum

  • Cleansing plant electrolysis and furnace
  • Pulp mill
  • Furnaces in foundry
  • Liquid pich tank

For more information see


  • SOLIOS CARBONE (Pulp mill)
  • SOLIOS ENVIRONNEMENT (Cleansing plant electrolysis and furnace)
  • SOLIOS THERMAL (foundry technology)

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