NEW! Gironet – cleaning the silo in an easy and safe way ​- without the use of DYNAMITE!

PA Ellingsen AS is the Norwegian supplier of Gironet silo cleaning system from the French company Standard Industrie.

We are fluent in French and have a solid knowledge of French business practices.

We are the link between your business and Standard Industrie.


Short description

To clean a silo can be a both difficult and dangerous undertaking, especially when operators have to go down in the silo to remove the materials.

Countless accidents have already been caused from materials breaking loose, or from operators falling or being strangled.

To avoid this risk to life and limb, we offer a very effective tool to clean the silo at a safe distance – Gironet.

Gironet requires no human presence inside the silo and thus the risk of an accident is minimal.

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