NEW! Liftube conveyor belt sealing system from Standard Industrie – No dust, no mess!

PA Ellingsen AS is the Norwegian supplier of Lifttube conveyor belt sealing systems from the French company Standard Industrie.

We are fluent in French and have a solid knowledge of French business practices.

We are the link between your business and Standard Industrie.

LIFTUBE conveyor belt sealing
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Avoid spills from conveyor belts and dust in the air!

LIFTUBE is a modular system that provides good sealing of existing conveyor belts (regardless of width, length, PVC, rubber, etc.). Instead of being in contact with the original rollers, the belt glides on a single central free roller between a “gliding board” on each side. Both the wheel and the sliding board are tiltable to allow easy access if needed.

A removable cover is mounted on top to ensure minimal dust from the conveyor belt.

​All components are standard; the dimensions of the rolls and the cover vary with the width of the conveyor belt.

This patented system can be installed in existing or new conveyors.

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